A comparison between the government in the hunger games and the giver

This war is then decimated to almost nothing, or Panem, located in North America near the Appalachian Mountains. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

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Following the president are the residents of the Capitol, which really is the brain and glamour of the nation. It helps the reader know that there is faith and hope in The Giver. Their system is as follows: The fourth and final similarity is their hierarchical system that they use throughout the society to keep people doing what they were born into doing.

Next is the Outer Party that is the backbone of the nation. Next are the residents of the higher districts, which manufactures valuable materials and things they may need. These two nations both have the same systems for grouping different kinds of people.

They watch all of the citizens, especially the party members, on what they do, how they react, and if they seem odd compared to the rest of the population. It could be possible that no matter the circumstances in the world, life always goes back to standard that has been accepted throughout the world since the creation of the world.

The proles are really only left with the dirtiest jobs, which include feeding others, cleaning up after others, and dealing with the sanitation of public areas. They are the ones that do the hard work, replacing documents, dealing with public media, and many other necessary jobs.

The plot in The Giver was straightforward.

The Giver vs The Hunger Games Essay Sample

The two novels have a conflict that includes survival. Finally comes the last half or so of the district which manages all of the hard and laborious work that people cannot live without. These two groups of people from two different societies try to stay alive no matter the situation, whether it is a nuclear warhead coming towards you, or whether it is starvation that is getting the better hand of you, or even some disease that is killing off the masses because of these problems.

The point of view in The Giver is in third person narrator, which basically describes the thoughts and emotions of one character. Soon after, the Party grew to the power that you read about in the novel, that is, full control over every aspect of every human being in Oceania, everyday of their lives.

The Hunger Games is suspenseful and has some romantic scenes. Life is quite similar no matter the government, or where in the world they are placed. There, they try to create a new person, trying to erase the old memories, and replacing them with ideas only of the party and of Big Brother.

As the years go by, another ebellion springs up and the 13 districts decide to have a revolt and fight against the Capitol for freedom.

The two writers also made it very interesting and intriguing. Some deal with the trading of animals, herbs, and commodities Collins Coincidentally, both nations were formed after a major fight or struggle, telling us that if life were to change, it could possibly change after a squabble, either with ourselves, or with other people around the world.

Inthe aspect is even worse. This elaborate system came into existence after the revolution, but the interesting thing is that it still resembles the system we have today, or the system that existed before the revolution in the story. It is a sign of resistance and rebellion in The Hunger Games.

More essays like this: When they do notice that a person stands out from the rest, they take them to the Ministry of Love, also known as the prison of Oceania.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. In The Hunger Games, the government has what is called the Peacekeepers, or the equivalent of police in our world. Bother moods give the reading more understanding of feeling of the characters.

The mood in The Giver was a little mysterious and doubtful. The third similarity between these two great novels is the coincidence that both societies are formed after a war or revolution of some sort. Lowry gives an indication as to what might happen next. Without these forces in their societies, they might have gained control at first, but it would have been impossible to stay in control for any long period of time.

For example, district 11 is the agricultural side of exports, district 4: The readers can give an educated guess on what will come next based on what the person knows so far.

Collins also describes her characters in the same way. They killed off hundreds of thousands of elderly people, or just simply the ones that were against the Party in any manner or fashion. Both are wonderful authors and, hopefully, their novels could benefit all adults and children in the future.

Here, you must work your entire life in order to help keep yourself alive and your family.- The Hunger Games There are many pieces of instrumental music were used in the movie “The Hunger Games”, an American science fiction adventure film that was released in The movie was directed by Gary Ross and based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins.

Apr 02,  · If you chose the Hunger Games to compare with the Giver, then I assume that you know those books like the back of your hand. It's quite easy to Status: Resolved. The Hunger Games Vs Ancient Rome Gladiators The Hunger games one of the most sold books in the past century It’s a book everybody wants to read or has probably read.

Becoming so Famous this book had a movie based on it. The Hunger Games Now in the film The Hunger Games there are a lot of themes that mirrored in our society today. First and foremost there is the politics of Panem. The government, or “The Capitol,” is.

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Comparison between "The giver" and "The Hunger Games" Presenter: Eunsuk Kim THE HUNGER GAME Similarities Strong and powerful They kill people without specific reasons They. While both novels are science fiction, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, shows more action and vigor than The Giver’s perfect utopian society with unnerving truths.

The two novels have a conflict that includes survival.

A comparison between the government in the hunger games and the giver
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