Addiction as a disease of the human spirit

Substance abuse can be even harder to accept when society supports it. Serious addictions take an undeniable toll both physically and mentally.

Addiction is hard enough for people, without having to think they have shallow or tormented souls. In addiction, we mistake: Of course, each addict has a unique backstory of trauma and pain, but Heller believes a change in society lies at the heart of our growing wave of addiction.

Second, is addiction a physical problem? Physical addiction is a common result of some drug addictions, but that has very little to do with the repeated urge to return to addictive behavior days or even years after the last dose of a drug, when there is no more physical addiction.

Jung himself was reluctant to use spiritual terminology with his patients because he feared they would misinterpret his message. In the book Addiction and Grace,author Gerald G. Boucher and her siblings grew up resentful of their alcoholic mother who was either in a Valium stupor or drunk for most of their childhood, yet they all followed a similar path.

In the book of Genesis, we see that humans are caught up in an addictive process from the beginning. The use of all these terms together has been a way to please people of every point of view, but unfortunately has done nothing to aid understanding or treatment for more on this, see the post in this blog, "Is addiction a biopsychosocial phenomenon?

Addictive behavior is a readily understandable symptom, not a disease. But for many addicts, connecting to something larger than themselves helps them work toward recovery. Researchers believe they may soon uncover a physical fix to our addiction epidemic. In fact, we know from numerous studies that when people rely on a treatment which claims that addiction is a spiritual problem, they are at high risk of relapse for a review of these scientific studies see my book, "The Sober Truth: Beyond Willpower Few people can drop their bad habits cold turkey.

That would add nothing to our understanding or treatment and would actually interfere with trying to figure out the specific emotional factors within people that produce this behavior. Our sense of community, intimacy, and humanity have been replaced by a culture of technology, celebrity, and divisiveness.

Is addiction a spiritual problem? If we can eliminate the empty "disease" label, then people who suffer with an addiction can finally stop thinking of themselves as "diseased. Addiction used to apply primarily to substances.

But we lose an important part of ourselves when they become our primary coping method. But what if our addiction problem is more complex than any solution science can conjure? Unlike heroin or cocaine, alcohol is a legal and socially encouraged drug.

Importantly, once addiction is understood psychologically, it can be far more effectively treated. People once looked for meaning in their suffering. Despite all its past helpfulness, then, we are better off today without the disease idea of addiction. As readers of this blog or my books knows, addictive acts occur when precipitated by emotionally significant events, they can be prevented by understanding what makes these events so emotionally important, and they can be replaced by other emotionally meaningful actions or even other psychological symptoms that are not addictions.

The addict is seeking a greater depth of peace and fulfillment but only finds greater emptiness and pain. Recognizing addiction to be just a common psychological symptom means it is very much in the mainstream of the human condition.

A fuller discussion can also be found in my books, "The Heart of Addiction," and "Breaking Addiction," or academic papers, especially "Addiction as a Psychological Symptom" in the journal Psychodynamic Practice They were viewed as having deficiencies in character.

In her experience, those who go clean for three to six months often eliminate their need for drug treatment.

Addiction: A Disease of the Soul?

Jung gave the modern world a vocabulary for the psyche once reserved for myths and legends. One consequence of the popularity of this vague description is that people believe that treating addiction should address all of these elements.

Addiction is not a spiritual problem. It is unquestioned by public figures and the media.

And because compulsive behaviors are so common, any idea that "addicts" are in some way sicker, lazier, more self-centered, or in any other way different from the rest of humanity becomes indefensible. A longing for something more, something deeper, something greater than who we are. Such substances can be a short-term blessing for serious injuries and illness.

First, is addiction an emotional problem? But if we are to scrap the disease concept and replace it with something valid, our new explanation must retain all the beneficial aspects of the old disease idea.Is addiction a problem of the spirit? For years, people have accepted the notion that addiction is a spiritual disorder.

Addiction is a mental and spiritual disease not a. Models of Addiction SUBS Models of Addiction The three models of addiction examined in this week’s readings include the medical model, the psychosocial model, and the disease of the human spirit model.

When we think about the disease of addiction from the perspective of our spirituality, we can see that addiction is a disease that is born out of the human condition.

There is deep hopelessness, meaninglessness and longing that the addict is trying to suppress with some substance or process, rather than finding healing through the grace of God.

The three models of addiction examined in this week’s readings include the medical model, the psychosocial model, and the disease of the human spirit model. Prove You Are Human! Who Answers? Addiction: A Disease of Spirituality.

Addiction As the disease of addiction grabs hold of your body, it is begins to affect your spirit. Gradually, as your addiction damages you physically, you begin to be broken down spiritually, too.

You start by lying about your drug or alcohol use to others (as well. Addiction: A Disease of the Soul?

Addiction & Alcoholism: A Disease that Attacks Body, Mind and Spirit

a wounded spirit. “Addiction is a spiritual malady,” said Boucher, a registered nurse who has helped women overcome alcoholism for .

Addiction as a disease of the human spirit
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