An analysis of the way of the world as a comedy of manners in five acts by william congreve

Mirabell will offer to help her out of the embarrassing situation if she consents to his marriage. He exits vowing revenge. Plays of the time reflect the restoration of the aristocracy in their comic attempt at mirroring the high society world of immorality and decadence.

The night before the story begins, Millamant has rebuffed him.

The Country-Wife

The lesson is that those who cheat get their just desserts in the end. Since it is the way of the world to put a premium on youth, Mirabell and Millamant stand at the center, representing all that is to be commended. As they hear his coach approaching, Foible tells the Lady that Sir Wilfull is on his way toward getting drunk and the Lady anxiously sends Foible to bring Millamant and return so that she is not left alone long with Sir Rowland.

InCharles II came to the throne, and the monarchy, which had been in exile, once again ruled England. She will become a social disgrace for marrying a servant.

All people are sometimes fools, Congreve suggests, or sometimes too earnest or too busy inventing counterfeit personas in order to hide their own moral turpitude.

In contemporary marriages, joint ownership of property and money is common, and most women work to help support the household. In her contact with Mirabell, Millament proves her habit of late rising, contemplation in solitude general laziness etc.

He was an accomplished poet, and also translated the works of classic poets Homer, Juvenal, Ovid, and Horace. Fainall find his smell so offensive they exit the scene. The play is aptly named for two reasons. Like many Restoration comedies, the play serves as a satire on the culture of its time.

His arrangement of marriage between Mrs. Congreve would have the audience smile at the sentiment, to acknowledge its compelling force in the way of the world. When Mirabell gets Millamant alone, he questions why she spends time with such fools as Witwoud and Petulant.

Fainall, the widowed daughter of Lady Wishfort. King Charles loved the theatre, and the Restoration comedies that flourished in this period contain ample cultural evidence of the sophisticated decadence of the times during which he ruled.

The Restoration period was an age of loose morals and, and was devoid of moral values.

The Way of the World Summary

When the play opens, Mirabell is impatiently waiting to hear that Waitwell is married to Foible. Without these devices, the action could not go forward and the comedy would fall flat.

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She is a loyal friend to her cousin, Mrs. Thus, while she can hardly bear her husband, she has warm regards still for her former lover, whom she is compelled to relinquish before she is remarried to preserve her good reputation.

Throughout the exchange of dialogue in act 1, Congreve shines the light of truth on the way things are. All deal with similar themes of secrets, marriages, and inheritances. He was given a post in Customs and, inwas made Secretary of Jamaica.Mar 21,  · The Way of the World By William Congreve.

A Society for the Reformation of Manners was organized; laws were passed to suppress licentiousness. At the same time, the audience changed. Although there seems to be the usual happy ending to this comedy, The Way of the World.

Thus the play is a good example of restoration comedy of manners.7/19/ M Ali Notes: Congreve's The Way of the World: Restoration Comedy of Manners The Way of The World brings before us witty Restoration ladies.

The Country-Wife: The Country-Wife, comedy of manners in five acts by Restoration dramatist William Wycherley, performed and published in It satirizes the sexual duplicity of the aristocracy during the reign of Charles II.

() or William Congreve’s Way of the World ()—the premium is on the energy and the grace with which. I have chosen William Congreve’s The Way of the World because of its prestige and prominence on twentieth-century British and American stages.

Often said to be not just the greatest comedy of its period but the greatest English language comedy, it was the Restoration play first offered in modern, commercial revivals in both London and New.

comedy of manners in five acts by William Congreve, performed and published in The play, which is considered Congreves€ William Congreve, The Way of the World - Goucher The Way of the World is a stage play in. Complete summary of William Congreve's The Way of the World.

eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Way of the World. Analysis Quotes The term “Comedy of Manners.

An analysis of the way of the world as a comedy of manners in five acts by william congreve
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