Analysis of the external environment of a business essay

This marketing analysis tool should also address the opportunities and threats that a company faces in the present and potentially in the future. This environment plays a crucial role in creating an ideal situation for a company. Wal-Mart competitors do not appreciate diversity challenges in their external ventures.

Another factor to consider is the impact regulations has had on Nestle. This implies that the demand for heavyweight motorcycles is likely to fall with increases in the cost of fuel. In actuality, the Coca-Cola Co. Wiley and Sons Publishing Inc.

The internal rivalry and poaching of Harley Davidson customers by Japanese manufactures serves as a threat to Harley Davidson dominance in the market. However, the company has been known for offering huge discounts to customers since its inception.

This factor has continued to impact negatively on most businesses in the sense that they fail to gather sufficient intelligence that is imperative in decision-making. The members of board of directors of a company have to ensure that in every business decision the rules and regulations must be followed.

Many experts believe technology is a potent force in modern business. The primary objective of any business is profit maximisation. The external environment of a company consists of two areas: A company usually starts a SWOT analysis by studying its strengths, such as a strong brand name or good reputation, and weaknesses, like inexperienced management or poor distribution.

Analysis the external business environment - Essay Example

Subsequently, an external environment SWOT analysis enables a company to ultimately determine how it can exploit its strengths and minimize weaknesses to compete. Marketing Strengths and Weaknesses Since its launch, Wal-Mart mostly targets the mass market through discount selling.

They also take oaths of secrecy before engaging in tasks that might reveal sensitive information. Points to be considered are: Besides meeting the requirement of FDA, the other political factors that need to adhere by business operations of Coca-Cola are the rules and regulations of income tax, export, import and political crisis.

Coca-Cola being B2C type of company has a direct relationship with the consumers thus the company has to be very specific in analysing the culture and traditions of the country they are entering into Fahad, To overcome these challenges, Wal-Mart prefers to enter new territory either as a franchisor or venture capitalist.

Nestle: Macro Environment and Micro Environment Analysis Essay

Considering that heavyweight motorcycles such as those Harley Davidson produces are luxury items, their easy substitution is impossible.

Nevertheless, the probability of the appearance of new rivals exists but this probability is extremely low. This strategy has been realized through discount selling, a fact that has made the supermarket the choice of many since its inception. Coca-Cola being a non alcoholic beverage company falls under the category of Food and Drug Administration.

Although there are small existing and upcoming motorcycle production coming up, their level of operation is insignificant to threaten the four major players. Get Assignment Help from MyAssignmenthelp. According to survey carried out by Forbes magazine, the supermarket chain was ranked first among the Forbes Global list.

The awareness that cheaper and highly advanced production technology is available in other regions - such in East Asian countries - is prompting the relocation of production sites. Either of these forces has capability to reduce profitability or increase earnings in the industry Michael E.

The youths of India are more health conscious and constantly looking for drinks which are refreshing. In my essay I will focus my study in to the technological influences in the industry of electrical retail and discuss how these technological influences effect the industry and how other factors of the PEST analysis interlink with the technological factor and affect the industry.

Fulmer states that the supermarket chain has cut out a niche by offering goods at price considered by many as low.

External Environment Analysis Essay

The lifestyle change has seen consumers shifting their preferences to new automobiles, technologically and environmentally-friendly choices Peng et al.

Labour in this sense is not a liability but real strength of a modern company. Internal environment is determined by management structure, ethos of the management, asset-structure of the organization, human capital, financial resources and marketing logistics.

This is opposed to the heavyweight motorcycles that Harley Davidson produces.The purpose of an external analysis is to scan the outside environment for factors that might open up new opportunities for the business—or that may present threats to the survival of the organization.

Internal environment analysis It is important to point out that the company relies one of the most brilliant business model relative to its size and customer base, which is low prices attracting a low profit margin. Essay External and Internal Environment Analysis. External and Internal Environmental Analysis DSW is the leading footwear specialty retailer in the United States operating shoe stores in 39 states as of January 30, Custom External Environment Analysis of Wal-Mart Inc.

Essay Wal-Mart stores incorporation was founded by Sam Walton in as a regional discount store.

Harley Davidson External Business Environment&nbspResearch Paper

In OctoberWal-Mart became an incorporated business organization. Essay on “Business Environment” Article shared by By the word environment we mean a “surrounding” as well as “conditions influencing development or growth of a situation.

Analysis of the External Environment of Business 1 Essay Analysis of the External Environment of Business In today's highly competitive market, businesses must be aware of the environment in which they operate and the external factors that influence them.

Analysis of the external environment of a business essay
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