Analyzing customer satisfaction level at standard

Service quality has received a great deal of attention from both academicians and practitioners and service marketing literature defined service quality as the overall assessment of a service by the customer.

For increasing customer Bank need Analyzing customer satisfaction level at standard improve their service quality for buildup strong image in Banking sector of Bangladesh. It has excellent track record of support for charitable causes. Do you think Confidentiality of Customer information is maintained?

Customer Satisfaction Score Average scores of over 8 out of 10 Market leader, excellent supplier Average scores of 7 to 8 out of 10 Adequate but needs attention Average scores of below 7 out of 10 Serious cause for concern. The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction is becoming crucial with the increased level of awareness among bank customers Demographic characteristics should be considered by the bank managers to understand their customers Sureshchanderet al.

A second objective of a market analysis is to understand the dynamics of the market. Do you think Employees treat customers with proper respect? Measuring satisfaction is only half the story. So SBL is making a good job in dealing with their customers.

Analysis Islami banking facility is one of the newest introductions of services of Standard Bank Limited. The first threat comes with the arrival of the multinational banks and their branch expansion particularly due to the booming energy sector. SBL has an interactive corporate culture. This is not a good management practice.

Does Tangibles provide modern services to improve service quality for customer Satisfaction? Responsiveness also refers to the motivation to help internal customers and provide prompt service to them.

The Bank is internally devoted to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility in numerous ways. This delivers the message that the bank has not in a satisfactory service position in terms of its facility services. Some think that they should do more quality service than present to satisfy all type of customers.

Because satisfied customer is the real asset for an organization that ensures long-term profitability even in the era of great competition. They have already achieved a high growth rate accompanied by an impressive profit growth rate in Tangibles are the physical facilities, equipment, and appearance of personnel in services Parasuraman et al.

If the performance falls short of the expectations, the customer is dissatisfied. Few staff meetings and departmental meetings at the branch level.

The Bank has grown well in its 14th year of business, expanded its coverage of financial products and customer segments and enhanced its service capabilities across multiple channels.

Standard Bank Business Credit Card Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Level at Standard Chartered Bank

Along with Zeithaml If the customers of an organization are satisfied by their services the result is that, they will be loyal to them and consequently be retained by the organization, which is positive for the organization because it could also mean higher profits, higher market share, and increasing customer base Karatepeet al.

The service quality attributes that banks must offer to encourage consumers to switch to online banking are perceived usefulness, ease of use, reliability, security, and continuous improvement Liao and Cheung The Board of Directors headed by its Chairman Mr.

Organizations operating within the service sector consider service quality to be a strategic component of their marketing plan Spathisetal. Consumers who use e-banking use it on an ongoing basis and need to acquire a certain comfort level with the technology to keep using it Servon, and Kaestner In general, the board of directors determines the recruitment policy of the bank from time to time.

The model suggests the following five forces that make up the state of competition: Analysis The high percentage of the table represents that confidentiality of the customers information is maintained with great care in the Bank. Facilities such as ATM, Credit card, and debit card are sufficient.

It is an action of fulfilling a need, desire, demand or expectation. Top management the CEO and DMD the top management of the bank is also a major strength for the SBL and has contributed heavily towards the growth and development of the bank.

Analyzing customer satisfaction level at Standard Chartered Bank; Narayanganj branch

They think that it would be quite risky for them to share such kind of confidential information with the bank. They provide industrial leasing to many companies in the country.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Research: How to Measure CSAT

Responsiveness involves timeliness of service like posting a transaction slip immediately, returning a phone call quickly, giving prompt service, and setting up appointments quickly.

Rivalry among Competing Sellers In banking industry, rivalry among competing sellers banks is moderate to high. A company would be wise to measure customer satisfaction regularly because one key to customer retention is customer satisfaction.

New private banks are snatching NCBs and each other customers by providing extra benefits. Where there is a high link or correlation with an attribute, it can be inferred that the attribute is driving customer satisfaction. So there is no scope for any misrepresentation of data or any kind of fraud and forgery.Customer Satisfaction level Of Standard Bank Ltd.

Satisfaction is a person‟s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product‟s perceived performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectations.

It takes continuous effort to maintain high customer satisfaction levels, and customer survey results are an important first step. Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction. measurement won’t be exact and will require sampling and statistical analysis.

Customer satisfaction measurement must be undertaken with an understanding of. ANALYSIS OF SERVICE QUALITY AND SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMERS IN BANKING SECTOR OF BANGLADESH The major aim of the study are to evaluate the customer satisfaction of the service Banks nowadays have to be of world-class standard, committed to excellence in.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis Standard A customer satisfaction analysis is a technical document prepared in the corporate sector, by almost all profit-making organizations that deal with a huge clientele.

submit the internship report of my BBA program on “Analyzing Customer Satisfaction Level at Standard Chartered Bank; Narayangonj Branch ”. It has been great experience for me to do my internship at Standard Chartered Bank.

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Analyzing customer satisfaction level at standard
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