Argumentative essay parenting styles

It is one of the key factors to having a healthy relationship. It was concluded that permissive parents almost tripled the risk of their teen-age children to participate in heavy drinking Verzello, This causes a child to be stressed and depressed.

Parenting Styles

Discuss any psychological factors involved: The child-centered approach is offered by the authoritative parenting style, which is neither too controlling nor tolerating. Jot down several good reasons why you support that particular side of the argument. In the end, all parents love their children whichever the manner of raising, parents just want the best for their children.

Blend evidential support with your stance on the parenting topic in your argumentative essay. Children should first feel the love of their parents otherwise they feel unloved by most people and uncared for.

It is easier for children to open up to their parents when they feel the sense of belongingness and trust. An authoritative parent does not expect the child to excel in something the child does without a heart.

With this being said, establishing that kind of communication is unhealthy for the children. When it comes to parent-child relationship, parents want that their Argumentative essay parenting styles trust them the most.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Parenting

The difference is, lenient allow their children to explore on their own. In some cases, a child goes into the wrong Argumentative essay parenting styles because he is asked to decide upon himself without basis whether it is right or wrong.

This sentiment is echoed in the Argumentative essay parenting styles saying, "The best defense is a good offense". An authoritative parent, on the other hand, is more lenient compared to an authoritarian, creating a well-established communication between parent and child. YanaRivera Leave a comment Authoritative Style: Resulting from a good parent-child relationship, an authoritative parent raises a child with high self-esteem, well-developed emotion regulation, refined social skills, satisfactory academic performance, and most importantly, a happy and lively disposition in life.

The results of this study provide evidence that authoritarian parents raise academically-honored children, but who are emotionally weak, psychologically unstable, and physically uncompetitive. What parts of this issue will concern my opposing audience the most? This prevents screams, fights, and tantrums in their homes.

Too much affection can spoil a child while too much authority can terrorize. By addressing the opposition you achieve the following goals: They teach their children how to read, write, and most especially, know what is right from wrong.

However, authoritative and authoritarian parents are very different in terms of the display of affection towards a child; authoritative parents are more expressive of their love for their children Robinson, Lenient parenting forms good relations among all members of the family, which should be what a family is all about.

Gwen Dewar, parents may see themselves as a friend because she and her kids share a sense of mutual loyalty, trust, and respect. A child only needs enough of those things, nothing more. In addition, due to their strict and harsh parenting, studies show that men who are raised in this manner tend to be more violent.

Only when she went out with the male protagonist did she see the fun that lies behind her violin. Best Parenting Ever Parenting styles refer to the emotional state of parents in rearing their children. Moreover, there are certain cases wherein the parents push their child into becoming someone they do not want to be.

This also stabilizes the social skills of the child. Look at the reasons you provided and try to argue with yourself. Instilling Independence Independence is another topic that impacts parents with children of all ages, making it a suitable area to explore in an argumentative essay.

But the parent does not just demand this from the child; an authoritative parent guides the child all the way to make it happen. Leading childcare experts suggest that parents who befriend their own children can do more harm than good, leaving them confused and vulnerable.

From hard work come benefits like confidence, winning competitions, etc. Authoritarian parents train their children with set of rules to follow, which have corresponding punishments when not followed.Dealing With Discipline. An argumentative essay can assess various parental disciplinary styles.

Potential topics include: Evaluate whether children respond better to positive parenting versus authoritative parenting billsimas.comve parenting developed out of the concept of positive psychology, a movement led by American psychologist Martin.

This essay investigates the parenting styles from which emerge questions about the role of the mother and the father. It also focuses on the ways that either too much mothering or too much fathering might have an effect on the child’s identity later on in its life.

Researchers have studied parenting styles extensively. Many studies have aimed to find a greater connection that shows the impact of each parenting style on the development of the child and how its influence in various aspects of life including self-confidence, self-esteem, academic achievement, and personality.

Argues the favorable parenting styles and analyzes the positives or negatives of each. by claire_greenlee in Types > School Work.

Argumentative Essay on Smoking Argumentative Essay. Parenting Handbook. Coping Strategies of Mothers Having Children With Special Needs. Check Out Our Parenting Styles Essay Introduction Parents are often left in a dilemma when it comes to the parenting styles they ought to embrace in raising up their children.

Dec 08,  · Argumentative Essay. Leaning towards a better future Lenient parenting forms good relations among all members of the family, which should be what a family is all about. With good relations, come good parenting and upbringing. Moreover, more children prefer parents who are lenient. In the end, all parents love their children.

Argumentative essay parenting styles
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