Critical analysis of the psychological contract

What has then highlighted in the result of examining and analyzing the empirical studies derived and depicted in this paper is the fact that psychological contract can only be achieved by a consistent and truthful fulfillment of expectations, reassuring mutual efforts of employee and employer.

Many hidden influences are not well understood by either side. In practice, the employer brand can be seen as an attempt by the employer to define the psychological contract with employees so as to help in recruiting and retaining talent.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Below the water level: Given greater awareness most people tend to take a more positive approach to compromise and working agreements.

Employees may have little idea who, if anyone, is personally responsible for decisions affecting their welfare or the future of the business. Niehoff and Robert J. Where breach cannot be avoided, it may be better to spend time negotiating or renegotiating the deal, rather than focusing too much on delivery.

The violation may in itself affect the psychological contract of the employee, being unsecured or unguaranteed to achieve the source of livelihood. Work used to be a relatively simple matter of hours or piece-rate in return for wages.

Empowering psychological contract In relation to the previous discussions, Brian P. Work itself has become far more richly diverse and complicated too.

The Psychological Contract

This paper will discuss and analyze the psychological contract affecting the workplace, relating several issues being confronted by employees and employers. Where the Psychological Contract is regarded by employees to be right and fair, these positive attitudes can thrive. Vol 60, No 3, pp The only dynamism could be indicated by feasibility studies along with planning and market testing.

Empowering the psychological contract can be objectively described in the organizational life of Pret a Manger, a leading sandwich biscuit company in the United Kingdom. Thus, psychological contract attributes the achievement of an economically secured family and socially progressive population.

The recent recession has had a negative impact on employee attitudes, particularly in relation to job satisfaction and security. The right side represents typical examples of rewards given by the employer.

This extends the analysis that fulfilling the psychological contract of the workforce systematizes and mobilizes their natural desires to sustain the viable means of the workplace, in which therefore meeting the expectations or objectives of the leadership at a judicious manner.

Globalization and technology in the late 20th century shifted everything we knew about organized work onto an entirely different level - especially in terms of complexity, rate of change, connectivity and the mobility of people and activities.

Where the Contract is regarded by employees to be broken or unfair, these vital yet largely intangible ingredients of good organizational performance can evaporate very quickly.

Those in roles requiring high levels of skills, holders of degree-level qualifications, as well as individuals whose skills were hard to replace, were more likely to receive training and development opportunities and have a degree of autonomy in how they perform their jobs.

While each individual almost certainly holds his or her own view of what the Psychological Contract means at a personal level, in organizational terms the collective view and actions of a whole workgroup or workforce are usually far more significant, and in practice the main focus of leadership is towards a collective or group situation.

Our own research shows that despite the modern employment deal being based on the promise of employability, employers are highly selective about offering development and career opportunities across their workforces. Vol 22, No 7, April.

These obligations will often be informal and imprecise: Interestingly, in cooperatives and employee ownership organizations the iceberg model will tend to be due to the nature of the employee ownership model mostly out of the water, and perhaps even floating on top, as if by magic, which is a fascinating thought.

Vol 25, No 17, October. Line managers are important in making day-to-day decisions but employees are also affected by decisions taken by senior management and HR.The psychological contract is different from a legal contract of employment which will, in many cases, offer only a limited and uncertain representation of the reality of the employment relationship.

The legal contract refers to a written agreement about the mutual obligations of the employer and the worker. A critique of the psychological contract and spirituality the analysis of attitudes, values and abilities related to the conditions (organisational realities) under which the behaviours are psychological contract, and spirituality in the workplace.

How to Write a Critical Analysis. How to Write a Thematic Essay. Workplace Analysis of the Psychological Contract specifically for you. for only $/page. Order Now. However, how a psychological contract does characterize the mutual values of consistency and guaranty between an employee and an employer?

This basic. The psychological contract: A critical review Yet as this review indicates, the theoretical assumptions that seem to pervade the psychological contract literature are not without major deficiencies, which in turn pose serious questions around the continued sustainability of the construct as currently constituted.

From this, the authors unpick the construct of the psychological contract as portrayed in much of the extant literature and argue that, in its present form, it symbolizes an ideologically biased formula designed for a particular managerialist interpretation of contemporary work and employment.

The psychological contract

The Psychological Contract is quite different to a physical contract or document - it represents the notion of 'relationship' or 'trust' or 'understanding' which can exist for one or a number of employees, instead of a tangible piece of paper or legal document which might be different from one employee to another.

Critical analysis of the psychological contract
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