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In addition, he knew that he was powerless in regards to Hitler who was at the head of a killing operation that had already taken millions of victims.

Talk:Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

But neither Pius nor his leading advisers were willing to provide a public condemnation along the lines requested. McDonald was specifically interested in helping a group of Jewish refugees in the Saar region, a territory claimed by France and Germany that was turned over to the Germans in He feared any sort of attack on Christians at all and new that the Vatican would also become a major target.

In the midst of the disruptive contrasts which divide the human family, may this solemn act proclaim to all Our sons, scattered over the world, that the spirit, the teaching and the work of the Church can never be other than that which the Apostle of the Gentiles preached: Inan even more compelling eyewitness account of the mass-murder of Jews in Lwow was sent to the Pope by an archbishop; this, too, garnered no response.

After the German invasion of Yugoslavia, that country was dismantled. No doubt, too, communists and leftists had a vested interest in denting the reputation of Pius XII since he had been among their bitterest opponents in his own lifetime.

This is often ignored today but it is part of a complex and at times contradictory picture. However, there were many Catholics in the interwar period who wrongly equated Jews with communism, which led them to embrace anti-Semitic thinking. Pius XII could be considered anti-Jewish primarily in the traditionalist sense of believing that Jews had killed Jesus.

It said that the guilt for the death of Jesus belonged to the Jewish leadership of two thousand years ago but did not carry through to the Jewish people of today. This is cited as plain evidence that Pope Pius and the Roman Catholic Church of his period were not really much at all supportive of the Nazi regime.

On January 18,after the death toll of Polish civilians was estimated at 15, the Pope said in a broadcast, "The horror and inexcusable excesses committed on a helpless and a homeless people have been established by the unimpeachable testimony of eye-witnesses.

There are plenty of people, both Catholics and non-Catholics, who feel that if the Pius XII had done more in a public manner to denounce the holocaust, then his mere proclamation would gather more attention towards the atrocities.

That was a highly significant difference.

Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Revisionists

After all, it was strongly anticommunist, bolstered Catholic influence in Southeastern Europe, and had put an end to the much-resented cultural-religious pluralism of post Yugoslavia.

After learning that deportations would probably begin immediately, actions began in saving as many Jews as possible. In fact, Catholic Poles were the most outspoken critics of his silence.

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

In January ofa document recently declassified by the U. At times, he tried to help the Jews and was successful. Michael Marrus, one of the three Jewish panelists and a professor of history at the University of Toronto, expained that the commission "ran up against a brick wallPope Pius XII's () actions during the Holocaust remain controversial.

For much of the war, he maintained a public front of indifference and remained silent while German atrocities were committed. He refused pleas for help on the grounds of neutrality, while making statements condemning injustices in general.

In Osborne send a letter to The Times in order to defend Pius XII from the attack made by the play "The Deputy" by Rolf Hochhuth which indicts Pope Pius XII for his failure to take action or speak out against The Holocaust.

Since the 19th century communism was a sentenced heresy. But there were only two curials in the early 20th century who made personal contact with communism: Achille Ratti, the later Pope Pius XI, as Nuncio in Poland and Eugenio Pacelli as Nuncio in Munich, the later Pope Pius XII.

Revisionist views, however, portray Pius XII as a silent, passive individual who ignored the treatment of Jews, Christians and other minorities—a man who could have stopped the holocaust and didn’t/5(2).

Why Pius XII chose not to take a strong stance against the Holocaust (back to top)As recently stated, the Pope knew that he was powerless against Hitler and felt that if he absolutely spoke out against the Nazis and their policies, that there would be severe retaliations on Catholics (

Pope Pius XII was the most controversial pope in modern times. Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the Middle East raised new interest .

Essay holocaust pius revisionists xii
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