Handout maternal nursing

The client with PIH does not manifest the normal cardiovascular response to pregnancy left ventricular hypertrophy, increase in plasma volume, vascular relaxation with decreased peripheral resistance. Encourage client to report sudden, significant weight gain e. This is why we want you to watch your baby for signs of infection.

Participate in therapeutic regimen and monitoring, as indicated. Alter activity level as condition warrants. Funduscopic examination may reveal edema or vascular spasm.

Effects of Maternal Chorioamnionitis on the Neonate

Oliguria and specific gravity of 1. If Hct is less than 3 times Hb level,hemoconcentration exists. Their Implications for the Neonate. Urine contaminated by vaginal secretions may test positive for protein, or dilution may result in a false-negative result. Rh incompatibility may be present.

Provide information to enhance self-care and therapeutic management. Hemodynamically stable, free-of-seizure activity 2.

NeoReviews, 9 9p. Monitor serum uric acid and creatinine levels, Elevated levels, especially of uric acid, indicate and BUN. Be free of signs of generalized edema i. Fetus active and in no distress 3. Diplopia, blurred vision, or even loss of visual fields; scotomata spots before eyes.

Obstetrical Nursing – Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

However, excess sodium may hot dogs, canned soups, and potato chips. Plasma protein loss, decreasing plasma colloid osmotic pressure, allowing fluid shifts out of the vascular compartment Possibly Evidenced By: Refer to dietitian as indicated.

Sexuality Primigravida, multiple gestation, hydramnios, gestational trophoblastic disease e. Independent Weigh client routinely. In addition, PIH may be present without significant proteinuria. Administer platelets as indicated.

Note urine color, and Urine output is a sensitive indicator of circulatory measure specific gravity as indicated. When fluid deficit is severe and client is hospitalized: This enhances placental and renal perfusion, reduces adrenal activity, and may lower BP as well as account for weight loss through diuresis of up to 4 lb in hr period.

We have assessed your baby and do not see any signs that your baby needs to stay in the hospital longer.Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division Know Your Breastfeeding Rights Handout. Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division. Communications and Outreach Unit.

Facebook Posts Twitter Suggested Image. Are you a nursing mom worried about breastfeeding in the workplace? Learn. View Notes - MCN - handout with water mark from NCLEX at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Silang, Cavite.

N. G. Review and Training Center Inc. Maternal and Child. Obstetrical Nursing – Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension The exact etiology of this disorder is unknown, with several theories being advanced.

List of Available Lecture Handouts Fundamentals of Nursing Urinary Catheterization Enteral Nutrition / Nasogastric Tube Bowel Elimination Oxygen Therapy Blood Transfusion and IV Therapy - Fundamentals in Nursing - Maternal and Child - Medical and Surgical - Nursing Jurisprudence - Community Health Nursing - Psychiatric Nursing.

Maternal chorioamnionitis is a common condition that can have negative effects on the neonate. The use of broad spectrum antibiotics in labor can reduce the risks, but infants exposed to chorioamnionitis continue to require treatment.

The neonatal sepsis risk calculator can guide treatment. a study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge of adolescent girls regarding management of menstrual disorders & nutritional anemia in selected high school of rural kolar.

Handout maternal nursing
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