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If you wish to talk about any of this -- in strictest confidence -- please contact the professor before or after class. In the process, we will 1 learn what happened and 2 learn when and how much to trust sources.

In brief, we will learn how humans formed civilizations and the methods that historians use to figure out how they did it. That led to the formation of what historians call urban civilization, and changes that left behind sources, some of which we will read, analyze and discuss.

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This course meets the student learning outcomes for information literacy, general education, and history by reinforcing skills in written and oral communication, teaching critical thinking, demonstrating thinking across disciplinary bounaries, and encouraging life-long learning. After that, if you still have questions, talk to Professor Jones during office hours i.

Finally, 3 any time you miss a class, you are responsible for getting notes from a class mate and completing all assigned readings. To report an emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at The story began when humans, who lived in small groups and hunted and gathered their food for most of history, started to farm about 10, years ago.

This book contains excerpts from historical documents, and each has a supplemental reading that you access from a link on this web page, http: There are multiple versions with the same cover, so if you find a used copy, make sure it was compiled by Jim Jones and not someone else.

The dates of the examinations appear on this syllabus. Any individual having suggestions, problems, complaints or grievances with regard to equal opportunity or affirmative action is encouraged to contact the Director of Social Equity at ext. In brief, do NOT do this.HIS World Civilization I.

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HIS 103 World Civilizations I - Entire Course

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His 103 world civilization
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