Ib extended essay criteria

The Extended Essay is an individual project of words. Teachers can help students select a topic area but students must formulate the Research Question themselves because there are awarded marks for this in criterion A.

Its core content focuses on questions such as the following. In order for an undergraduate institution to recognize your IB diploma, you must meet the requirements. After the first batch of studies are marked according to the new criteria in SummerI hope to upload some particularly good studies to this website to share with everyone.

Why is the research question significant to you personally?

ITGS Extended Essays

The words includes the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and any quotations. In these cases students also frequently try to interview their friends as primary sources - a sure path to disaster.

You must take a position, construct an argument based on evidence, and defend your thesis. Good history essays will have 30 to 40 footnotes and 15 sources. The IA is structured into specific sections; the EE is structured more flexibly.

It gives you a chance to study in real depth a topic that you have an interest in.

Be sure to check with the WSA Librarian for help in getting access to publications or online journals that would apply to your topic. However for all essays the body be evaluated based on 1 your approach to the research question, 2 your analysis and interpretation of evidence, including critical analysis and evaluation of sources, and 3 your own argument and evaluation of this argument.

Asian people tend to be more religious. How can the thesis be divided and broken down into parts? It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery and creativity—resulting in approximately 40 hours of work.

The obtained score is connected with a band.

Extended Essay

It provides students with an opportunity to engage in personal research on a topic of choice, under the guidance of a supervisor. Any useful lines of thought or approaches to the question? You need at least 15 sources, five of which must be articles from scholarly journals.International Baccalaureate (IB) Home; IB News & Information; Extended Essay timeline for Juniors.

Criteria E: Engagement; How is the extended essay assessed? All extended essays are externally assessed by examiners appointed by the IB. They are marked on a scale from 0 to Extended Essay—Independent Student Research Paper The extended essay is an independent, self-directed 4, word research paper that prepares for undergraduate research.

Students complete plus hours of research in a subject area of their choice that relates to one of the six diploma subjects. in order to do well on this assignment you must read the extended essay booklet carefully. you are expected to know all of the ib guidelines and assessment criteria for your essay detailed in this booklet.

follow the booklet carefully when you write your essay because your advisor and the ib will refer to the assessment criteria when your. A guide to the research and writing process required for students completing the IB Extended Essay.

Criteria for your Extended Project. Extended Essay (source: IB History Guide) An extended essay in history provides students with an opportunity to undertake in-depth research in an area of history of genuine interest to them.

The outcome of the research should be a coherent and structured essay that effectively addresses a particular issue expressed as a research question, or. Transcript of Changes made to Extended Essay Assessment. Changes made to Extended Essay Assessment After much consultation, review, evaluation and trialling the decision was made to reduce the criteria to five: four to be applied to the essay itself and one to the Reflections on planning and progress form.

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Ib extended essay criteria
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