Officer selection

Graduates A college grad is eligible to attend the OCC as soon as they desire. Here are some basic steps in preparing for the interview: The evaluation Officer selection generally begin with the completion of a personal history questionnaire. It includes an assessment of your general level of interest, initiative, and goal orientation.

This document is designed to assist agencies in the conduct of the interview; however, candidates may find some of the information useful.

The primary purpose of these examinations Officer selection to verify the truthfulness of information that applicants have provided on the PHS and to the background investigator directly. Although these references are designed for agency use, applicants Officer selection find them helpful in understanding the background process.

The training would cover all the same as the 2 six Officer selection courses offered to freshmen and sophomores. Although it is not a POST requirement, detection of deception examinations are not uncommon.

As such, you would need to contact the agency directly concerning any questions about the medical evaluation. The background investigation process commonly begins with a meeting with the background investigator, who will explain the process and have you sign and complete numerous forms.

You should contact the hiring agency directly to inquire about their specific application process. OWLs provide information on the basic mechanics of writing, which is Officer selection what agencies are looking for — good writing skills, not content. At the completion of all required training and their senior year these candidates have the option of accepting their commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

Although this manual is designed primarily for screening physicians, you may find it contains some useful information related to medical suitability. At the completion of each cycle the student would then be considered a Candidate.

The hiring department will schedule your psychological evaluation with their contracted screening psychologist.

At the completion the 10 weeks and their senior year these candidates have the option of accepting their commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

It is their responsibility to ensure that all students who have the desire to be Marine Corps Officers are physically and mentally prepared for the rigors of the Officer Candidate School OCS.

Problem Solving — assesses your reasoning skills in developing timely, logical responses to a wide variety of situations and problems. Psychological Evaluation The psychological evaluation must be conducted by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. POST does, however, require the administration of a physical conditioning program during the academy.

Information on preparing for entry into a basic academy and the physical conditioning program, as well as reference information in preparing for the agency-specific pre-employment physical ability test can be found on the Physical Ability Test FAQ webpage. If the information on your PHS changes i.

Hiring Interview Guidelines document. Also, as part of the background investigation process, you may be subjected to a detection of deception examination, such as a polygraph or voice stress analysis. Each training cycle is 6 weeks long and consists of leadership training, classroom instruction, land navigation, physical fitness, team building skills, decision making skills and general Marine Corps history and traditions.

This form will ask questions regarding your medical history.

Marine Corps Recruiting Command

College grade point average of 2. This would be a week course at OCS. The specific POST requirements for the conduct of the background investigation are found in Commission Regulation Experience — assesses your ability and experience in accepting responsibilities and performing assigned tasks as demonstrated through achievements in work, school, and other activities.

The agency will provide you with information on when and where you will be having your medical examination, and with whom i. Communication Skills — assesses your oral communications skills, which includes speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication.

Senior A college senior is eligible to enroll in OCC with the intent to attend after graduation. Platoon Leaders Course[ edit ] More commonly referred to as PLC, can be attended by sophomores, juniors and in some cases seniors. Note that there are very few automatic bases for rejection.

Senior In some cases seniors are eligible to attend the PLC. These six categories are covered in the Interview Peace Officer Candidates: These students will attend the week course then return to finish school and be eligible for commission upon graduation.

Peace Officer Candidate Selection Information

Even issues of prior misconduct, such as prior illegal drug use, driving under the influence, theft, or even arrest or conviction are usually not, in and of themselves, automatically disqualifying.May 22,  · Peace Officer Candidate Selection Information.

The Peace Officer Candidate Information is designed to assist candidates in preparing for a career with a California POST-participating law enforcement agency. This website gives you access to a serving officer as well as products to aid you in your preparation for the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB).

Give yourself. The path to becoming an Officer of Marines begins with the Officer Selection Officer (OSO). Your OSO will answer questions and help you decide which commissioning program (Ground, Aviation or Law) best suits you and the needs of the Corps.

If you have questions about becoming a Marine Officer, your best resource for information is an Officer Selection Officer (OSO) from an Officer Selection Station (OSS). Boards. Please use ONLY the NPC Customer Service Center address for any letter to a PROMOTION Board.

Do NOT send letters to your detailer or any other PERS Code: Address for Correspondence to a Promotion Board Applications and letters to Admin or Screening Boards might need to go a different address than the Customer Service Center. Check the web page of the PERS code that sponsors the.

A Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer (OSO) leads a team of Marines and civilian employees in the recruitment of college students and graduates for a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps Responsibilities. An OSO is responsible for the oversight of all functions of the Officer Selection Team.

Officer selection
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