Paper mario sticker star world 2-2 help

The enraged boss begins to battle alone, but Mario defeats him and obtains the first Royal Sticker. Head right and go up the stairs and into the door. If Mario hammers or jumps on an enemy, the words will say "Nice" with the blue screen along with a small fanfare jingle.

As Princess PeachMario and the Toads celebrate the event, Bowser and his troops suddenly crash the party to claim the Sticker Comet. Some real-world objects called Things appear in the form of stickers, and they also have the ability to be used to attack and overcome obstacles.

Use Paperize mode to pluck him out of there. They serve as the only method of attack, items to solve puzzles, and the like.

Walk right and hop onto the wooden platform you unpeeled earlier. Avoid the enemies, defeat the single Sombrero Guy, and make it to the other end to enter the next area.

The path leads to a dead end, so hop onto the spiderweb and cause it to break.

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Follow the small steps to continue moving higher onto the pyramid. Use your hammer to whack the fruit and the Bowser Tape off the tree. Hop over the Spike and fall through the hole. Start moving right, collecting whatever you need until you see a group of Paragoombas messing with a Toad. Use your Hammer to break through the middle of the back wall.

With him out of the way, Mario is able to continue on to Bowser at the final area of the castle, where Princess Peach is taped to a chain. Defeat the enemies, pick up your stickers, and head back to those stairs.

Finally, there are Secret Door stickers that Mario is able to paste onto the environment via the Paperize ability. In addition, the gameplay places a lot more emphasis on the "paper" aspect than the previous games, containing status elements directly related to paper materials such as "soggy," "clipped," or "tacked;" additionally, the enemies sometimes transform themselves to better reflect the papery nature of their designs e.

Wiggler diary entries In World 3, subdue a Wiggler segment, then take it to the indicated location to unlock a diary entry. Peel him off by Paperizing from all five locations to unlock him in the credits.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Guide: Hp-up Heart Locations

In Worldrelease the raft at the start of the level by hitting the stake with the hammer, then ride it to the right. Inside, ride the elevator to the fifth floor. Get back on the first swinging log and get off at the tree trunk. Head back to the area with the Wiggler segment and break through the spiderweb with your hammer.

Move up the steps to find a crumpled Tree Stump at the end. He rides a broom. Head back to where you first fell through the spiderweb. Back to his normal self, Wiggler will run off to World Jan 16,  · Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the latest installment of the legendary Paper Mario series, and the first on a portable system.

Like its predecessors, it maintains the simplistic paper style of the landscape and characters%(69). Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an action-adventure, role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Intelligent Systems.

World 2-2 Yoshi Sphinx

As the fourth installment in the Paper Mario series, it is the first Paper Mario title to be released for a handheld console.

Mar 06,  · You can collect the Sticker Comet now if you’d like, but you still have a few more things you can collect if you’re shooting for that %.


First, head north and slide off the top of the Sphinx. When you land, you’ll be able to collect the HP-Up Heart you saw earlier. Megaflash Line Jump: In Worldon the ledge below and to the right of where you fight the Boss (after getting the Royal sticker). Megaflash Slaphammer: In Worldin the fourth area, under the "X" on the ground closest to the entrance.

Nov 09,  · Welcome to our Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough! Here, you'll find assistance with puzzle solutions, sticker locations, boss strategies, and more! Select from a chapter below to get started.

World 2 is the second world in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, located east of Decalburg. The world takes place in the desert (similar to the desert worlds in the Mario platformers, like World 2 from New Super Mario Bros.

Wii as well as Dry Dry Desert from Paper Mario), and is the second-shortest world in the game, with only five levels.

Paper mario sticker star world 2-2 help
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