Pestle analysis of samsung

This is because environmental factors have a direct effect on agricultural businesses only. Overall, Samsung operates in markets with benign political factors. Samsung has been the technology driven company and focusing on the latest trends of technology should have been the fundamental maxim the company like Samsung should follow.

They are known to have applied procedures which help in minimizing the negative externalities of products like Carbon dioxide emission. Recently, it faced weighty political headwinds South Korea. Conclusion The preceding analysis clearly indicates that Samsung has its task cut out for itself as it navigates the treacherous global consumer market landmine.

Earlier in Samsung like all family owned South Korean businesses it was expected to put in long hours as an expression of respect and gratitude as bosses are considered as a fatherly figure and colleagues as family.

SWOT analysis of Samsung

The incident taught Samsung that doing the basics right is still the key to Pestle analysis of samsung. So, it has to reorient itself accordingly. Samsung is heavily dependent upon consumer electronics sales in markets with limited potential for growth, such as the United States and Europe, for much of its revenue.

Indeed, as the company prepares to expand its global footprint, the stakes could not have been higher in a recessionary era and an uber competitive technological market landscape. Samsung has strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities.

The company has to reorient Pestle analysis of samsung strategies. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Opportunities Growing market for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, especially in developing regions such as Africa and Indiawhere consumers are unfamiliar with PCs.

Economic This dimension is especially critical for Samsung, as the opening up of many markets in the developing world has meant that the company can expand its global footprint.

The opening up of some developing markets meant it had to re-think the economic factor. The Google Android operating system, which Galaxy devices depend upon, is not as popular with average people as iOS is.

For this reason, they change many aspects of global operations according to the local conditions. It worried that war would break out in the Korean Peninsula. The good GDP of the country means that the people has more income and will be more prone to buying the latest items produced by the company.

The key point to note here is that Samsung operates in a market niche that is strongly influenced by the lifestyle preferences of consumers and given the fact that socio cultural factors are different in each country; it has had to reorient itself in each market accordingly. In conclusion from the above analysis, I can say that Samsung has all its tasks aligned.

This means that the company is at an advantage as far as harnessing the power of technology and driving innovation for sustainable business advantage is concerned. The company has an advantage in using the power of technology.

It has whole range of products from refrigerators and TVs to Smartphone so it definitely has technological superiority over others. This company may need to revamp its smartphone marketing and perhaps design efforts in order to maintain market share in critical arenas like the U.

The more the states will develop the higher are the chances of the company to expand and open its new units in the newly developed zones. New capabilities like Samsung Pay will be critical if this company wants to maintain its position as an industry leader.

Weaknesses Samsung has not been able to match Apple Inc. Bibliography Loosening their ties.

SWOT and PEST analysis of Samsung

The political environment is unstable in these locations. The goal of this study is to assess the prospects of Samsung.

PESTLE Analysis of Samsung

It is South Korean company. AAPLreported larger revenues. It seems that the saving grace for the company is that adjusted well to the lowering the consumer disposable incomes in developed countries.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Socio-cultural factors vary in each country. Samsung should chalk out some legal bindings in this perspective. Yet, this has led the company to some problems.

It hopes to make up for the lost business from the developed world. Only its American rival, Apple Inc. Samsung has long-standing relationships with retailers in the United States and Europe that provide a steady sales channel for its products.Samsung has been the technology driven company and focusing on the latest trends of technology should have been the fundamental maxim the company like Samsung should follow.

Legal Factors For the global company like Samsung which has many rivals like Apple. Looking for the best Samsung Electronics SWOT analysis in ? Click here to find out Samsung’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Find the latest and comprehensive SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of Samsung Group, the largest conglomerate company in South Korea.

SAMSUNG PESTEL ANALYSIS. Samsung is one of the most well known electronics brand of the world. The market leader has continued to retain its market share for 10th consecutive year.

PESTEL Analysis of Samsung Electronics

Apart from several other market leading products, the brand is known for its SUHD televisions. PESTEL-PESTLE Analysis of Samsung by adamkasi | Feb 1, | Companies | 0 comments This is the detailed PESTLE/PESTLE Analysis of Samsung which explains the external factors impacting the Electronic Company and Industry; Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.

PESTEL Analysis of Samsung Electronics Samsung is an international and highly presumed electronic company founded and its headquarters are found in South Korea. Its main competitors are Apple, LG, Sony and HTC and many other electronic companies.

Pestle analysis of samsung
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