Poverty profile

Disaggregated data — data that shows location, gender, disability, age or other characteristics — also shows us where the needs are greatest and can help ensure that no one is left behind the overarching theme of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Present a comprehensive account of the nature of poverty Accurately and comprehensively report the extent of poverty Identify the most intensive poverty within the community of interest Use indicators that are fit-for-purpose Describe the UK and Scottish policy context and specifically discuss the relevance of this to the community of interest Appraise the Community Planning Poverty profile policy context or community of interest Present an action plan or recommendations for future action Identify trends, as well as profiling the here-and-now Compare the extent of poverty beyond the community of interest Be of value - an implementation, communication and dissemination strategy should be an integral part of the process On this page you can access a paper on how to put together a poverty profile which contains a suggested template on how to go about it.

I am delighted to be part of this launch and I look forward to digesting the report. Ghana is one of the few sub-Saharan African countries to achieve the MDG1 target of halving extreme poverty between and Example of a Poverty Profile: Rising inequality presents a huge challenge for the government and development partners.

However, even as economic growth in Ghana has accelerated, inequalities persist. They are most effective when the indicators are robust, the whole community of interest is involved in producing them and when it is more than a collection of figures describing poverty.

Poverty profiling can be a useful tool as poverty affects different communities of interest in different ways. Published 13 September Data plays a critical role in informing policy-making.

Clearly identify the community of interest Clearly identify and involve all stakeholders Specify any sub-themes that are of particular interest, e. We must maintain concerted efforts to address these inequalities in order for Poverty profile to leave no-one behind and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Today — from a quick skim of this report — it appears that the gap between regions and between rural and urban areas remains wide, and in some cases is worsening. In the long term, economic development with investment and, critically, jobs is the sustainable pathway to self-reliance. In partnership with the World Bank we have supported the GSS to build its capability and produce and deliver the data needed to inform policy and development in Ghana.

And decades of investment by development partners in the North has been less than transformational. The UK, as a friend and partner, stands ready to support Ghana to do this. You can also access links to resources on how other places have put together their poverty profiles.

Poverty in rural northern Ghana remains stubbornly high. Good data allows effective decisions to be made about where to target resources and to understand which policies are most effective.

How to create a poverty profile A poverty profile is most commonly understood to be a description of the character of poverty among a population, often using qualitative and quantitative information to describe overall rates and traits of poverty. Yesterday, at the event launching the baseline data for the SDGs, the data from showed that the percentage of the population living below the poverty line in rural areas was six times higher than in urban areas.Poverty Profile: United Republic of Tanzania (Executive Summary) 1 Chapter 1 Poverty in Tanzania Tanzania is a country fronting the Indian Ocean, and located in East Africa.

I am very pleased to be here today to participate in the launch of this poverty profile report, and the release of new poverty data for Ghana.

DFID Ghana Country Director's speech at the launch of report on poverty profile in Ghana

A poverty profile is most commonly understood to be a description of the character of poverty among a population, often using qualitative and quantitative information to. A country poverty profile sets out the major facts on poverty (and typically, inequal.

ity), and then examines the pattern of poverty to see how it varies by geography (by. region, urban or rural, mountain or plain, and so on), by community characteristics. 6 #ounting the Poor: Another Look at the Poverty Profile by MOLLIE ORSHANSKY” When the C’ouncil of Economic Advisors used trnnual income of less than $3, to define fami- lies living in poverty, it noted that this was a.

Your Community Profile Now it’s time to learn more about the community you’ll be serving.

How to create a poverty profile

We’ve created a special website that lets you search for your community either by ZIP Code or county and view demographic and poverty data from the Census Bureau.

Poverty profile
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