Rfid based voting machine

The RFID reader will be present even in the train. RFID based railway reservation Intelligent vehicle control This system deals with automatic vehicle speed limit on roads by solar powered RFID technology to control automobiles.

The system then searches and matches the identity code with information stored in the host database or back end system. The reader reads the number from the tag and records the ticket number on the tag number.

Physical location of the books can be easily located using this module. Rfid based voting machine example, in racing game who have crossed the line first will be tough to judge if the distance between two racers is very less.

An RFID reader present in the vehicle senses the vehicle speed limit on the tag as a reference speed input attached to the speed limit signboard. Event tracking system for sports Voting machine RFID card has been used for identification of a person before giving his vote by placing his card before the reader module.

These tags contain a unique number. Here we are placing the luggage bags which are to be scanned. In addition to that, the occurrence of accident information is automatically transmitted to the nearest hospital using GSM and GPS. More details about this project is available at: Every time we make a transaction, we need to enter user id and password using keypad.

Meanwhile the vehicle speed sensor present in the wheel gives the actual speed of the vehicle on road. The status of a particular person can also be obtained through a status button in the system.

When the card is placed before the reader, the details stored with unique number in the microcontroller will be checked and displayed.

The passenger should finally pay the fare. The antenna emits radio signals to activate the tag and to read and write data to it. This data is decoded by the reader and passed to the local application system via middle ware. The user must show his RFID tag before the reader.

The car owners are allowed an entry only when their RFID card is swiped. Here, active RFID tag is used in the signboard which is battery powered from a solar panel.

More details about this is available at: Assistance is provided accordingly to the patient. Microcontroller senses the command given using keypad and receives signal from the IR receiver.

The microcontroller compares this data with the existing data and on pressing the status push button, the status of the card holder is shown on the display, indicating the attendance of the cardholder.

If this data matches with that stored in the database of the microcontroller, the person is given access to the secured area. Utensils and other objects in a building carry the tags and transmit data wirelessly to the server embedded.

It sends the data to the motor or buzzer depending upon the RFID card number and balance Rfid based voting machine the card. This information is matched with the one stored in the microcontroller, if the data matches microcontroller displays a confirmation message otherwise displays a denial message on a LCD screen.

As the tag or the card is swiped against the reader, the tag receives a carrier signal from the reader and in turn modulates the carrier signal and sends it back. An audio file, recorded for each unique object resides on the server.

In that case, we can use the RFID tags to identify who has crossed the line first. A buzzer sound comes while the card is swiped. It sends this data to the LCD so that the person operating this product reads various informative messages. The passport holder would have an RFID tag which contains all the passport details like name, number, nationality etc.

Once entered the user will be shown the balance amount available on the card and he must select an option to dispense the fuel. When a card is swiped against the reader, modulated data from the card is sent to the reader which in turn is fed to the microcontroller. More about this are available at: More details is available at:RFID BASED VOTING MACHINE Anil Kumar D1, Rakshith D2,Manoj C V3, Even this e-voting machine has a lot of disadvantages.

Several security analysts have which uses Radio Frequency Identification technology which helps to overcomes the drawbacks of the above mentioned systems.

RFID and Fingerprint Recognition based Electronic Voting System for Real Time Application 1 Ashok Nalluri, 2 B. Bhanu Teja, billsimas.comishna This project is very used to improve the security performance in the voting machine. In this project RFID is used as vote ID card.

Now day’s some person makes the duplicate vote ID card. RFID Based Biometric Voting Machine Linked To Aadhaar For Safe And Secure Voting Abstract— This paper proposes a method for safe and secure aadhaar based biometric voting system to avoid misconceptions which are going to takes place in elections.

From last few years in India, aadhaar enrollment process is. Some schools and colleges nowadays use RFID based attendance systems.

In this project we are going to design a voting machine which only counts authenticated votes. This is done by using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. 2 Circuit Diagram of RFID based EVM COMPONENT LIST: Page 7 DEPARTMENT OF billsimas.com BASED ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE Fig 2.

and also to know about the size. and we can do it by studying the internal hardware design (devices architecture). Voting machine RFID card has been used for identification of a person before giving his vote by placing his card before the reader module.

When the card is placed before the reader, the details stored with unique number in the microcontroller will be checked and displayed.

Rfid based voting machine
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