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Standing sideways to the target, addressing it over his left shoulder, he would throw up the bow with his left arm outstretched and, with a convulsive heave, draw back the arrow until the feathered flights touched his lips and the muscles of his arms and chest stood proud with the effort.

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I had two big men assist Tanus in twisting the wire on to it with all their combined strength, while the glue was still hot. Do you hear me, boy? The intelligent man, has such an overpowering love, for the lovely Lostris, she adores him too Hapithe River God, is her patron.

Almost immediately, the Connin boys trick him into letting a pig out of the pigpen, and it knocks Harry over. River of Gods teems with the life of a country choked with peoples and cultures—one and a half billion people, twelve semi-independent nations, nine million gods.

The boat spun so sharply that the deck canted over at an alarming angle. I had designed it for him when he had grown dissatisfied with the puny weapons that, up until that time, were all that were available to him. Suddenly the bull broke through the surface ahead of us and blew a great cloud of fetid steam from his lungs.

Tanus had concentrated all his attention on the first and largest bull.

River of Gods

Lostris was fourteen years of age. Tanus lowered the gong over the stern. In the end I solved this last problem by binding the entire bowstock with electrum wire to prevent it from flying apart: So why should I resent my mistress loving him?

We sang one of the old peasant love songs that I had taught her, and which was still one of her favourites: Only the priests themselves were allowed to eat the flesh of the hippopotamus outside the ten days of the festival of Osiris.

Like his sisters who would come after him, Memnon was sired by Tanus, not Pharaoh, but their paternity was kept a secret. As a single man the rowers checked their stroke and held the blades of their paddles aloft, glinting in the sunlight and dripping water.

River God Summary & Study Guide

The beast that I saw beneath us now was an enormous old bull. The colour of her eyes was green also, but the darker, clearer green of the Nile when its waters have shrunk and deposited their burden River god summary precious silts.

Then Tanus thrust the steering oar hard over, and the men on the port bank stabbed their backstroke deeply, creating a series of tiny whirlpools in the surface of the green water. Connin by the preacher, and Harry realizes that "this was no joke.

This is a major major talent doing major major things. On the horizon of the lagoon the rest of the squadron were tiny with distance, but their paddles began to beat rhythmically, rising and falling like the wings of wild geese in flight, glistening in the sunlight.

By that time Tanus had died and Lostris lost her will to live. In their own boats, the fleet slowly turns away, heading southerly, from their island headquarters, a paradise in a turbulent world, green, with trees, in Egypt! The hippopotamus is the familiar of Hapi, the goddess of the Nile. Do not encourage her to recklessness, for she is every bit as wild as you are.

Packed with passion, war, intrigue, and revenge. However, from there it was an easy and natural step to laminate together all four of our chosen materials-olive wood, ebony, horn and ivory.

All the while the bronze gongs in the stem-tower of each galley rang out to blend with the excited cries of the rowers and the exhortations of the helmsmen.

I thought the physicist on a quest, who then makes a giant discovery, which leads her back to the inventor of the aeais, could easily have been a novel all on its own, one that would fit in this universe that McDonald has summoned into being.

But no human knows where it begins, in the south, if it does have an end there.

River God Summary

With the steering-oar Tanus spun River god summary boat about and we sped after the bull. It was weighty and massive, and my spirits quailed, for I knew what terrible beast had moved there. But during the feast of the great God, Osiris, in the exotic city of Thebes, withsoulsthe largest on the face of the Earth.

Unfortunately, while he, Tanus, Memnon, and a group of others ventured further into the mountain, a flash flood comes and kills all the others. Lostris broke off the song and shaded her eyes to gaze ahead. It was a long bronze tube.Immediately download the River God summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching River God.

River God has 29, ratings and 1, reviews. Henry said: The mist clears, the clouds roll out and the fog lifts, looking down, the Nile appears. Its b /5. Text Extract from 'River God' T he river lay heavily upon the desert, bright as a spill of molten metal from a furnace.

The sky smoked with heat-haze and the sun beat down upon it all with the strokes of a coppersmith's hammer. River God Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more. The River God is largely historical inaccurate (Axum was founded over a years after this book is set, the Bedouin didn't exist, his Author's note at the end is completely bogus, the list goes on) and the Taita is too perfect to sympathize with/5().

River God is the first of four books depicting history in ancient Egypt with a bit of fiction mixed in well, maybe a lot of fiction.

I intend on buying the remaining three and continuing the ride!/5(57).

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River god summary
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