School leaver cv template

This will undoubtedly include a list of preferred characteristics, giving you a great idea just what the perfect candidate should look like. That also means that, unlike a CV, a new cover letter should be written each time you apply for a job. Avoid using long paragraphs and stick to two pages or fewer.

Which parts of my education should I include in my CV? Limit details to years 11, 12 and State where you are at in your studies and what attracted you School leaver cv template the position. I wish to apply for the role of Apprentice Engineer, currently being advertised on reed.

Teamwork is a skill, so is leadership. The ultimate goal of your CV is to win job interviews.

CV template for school-leavers and graduate jobseekers

For example, IT skills naming specific programsor soft skills such as problem solving, public speaking and interpersonal skills, not to mention a friendly and welcoming demeanour, are all desirable qualities to have.

Interesting — Think about what the company is looking School leaver cv template. Clearly divide sections with bold headings, use a simple font, break up text with bullet points and keep it short and sharp. Close family friends, teachers, or career councillors are all good options, and are usually more than happy to help.

Briefly describe any qualifications which you believe are most suitable to the job at hand. Think laterally about what you can do and like to do, and note what skills these things involve. These might be performance based i.

State the number and general grades you received Maths and English at the very least.

School leavers CV template

Think about your achievements from all areas of your life — school, sporting, within the community etc. Before you start, search for the jobs you are interested in online and make a list of the requirements that appear most frequently.

Significant achievements are an important way to help paint a more complete picture of you as a potential employee. Essentially you need to create a CV that shows an employer you have the skills, experience and knowledge their organisation needs.

Example CVs and cover letters: The school leaver

Include any extra details or modules studied which you feel may be of particular interest. Despite my limited work experience, I believe my eagerness to learn, coupled with my hard-work and dedication, will help Engineering Company LTD build upon their reputation as one of the most respected infrastructure providers in the UK.

Here are some pointers to preparing your great CV Gather your information for your CV Make a list of your skills, and write down examples of how and when you used these skills.

Prepare a professional resume

They need to be able to give a verbal reference about your skills and character. Check out what skills you may actually have and skills that employers are looking for with Careers New Zealand and look at their useful Skill Matcher tool.

Work experience This is an area that a lot of first-time CV writers struggle with because they often have little or no professional experience.

Starting a blogfor example, can be a perfect way to show what you can offer — and could work for practically any career you look into. How does your experience, skills or personality match up?

School leaver CV template

Include your most impressive academic achievements along with relevant skills, experience and qualities. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application further.

Yours sincerely, [Your name] Final thoughts Remember: Include any outstanding achievements and also involvement in activities that reflect specific skills such as leadership. Personal statement This is an opening statement at the top of your CV that summarises all you have to offer an employer in a few lines.

Feel free to mention the website by name e.Looking for help to make your CV shine? Here’s our cover letter template specifically designed for recent school leavers. Looking for your first job after leaving school, but worried your lack of experience could harm your chances?

Here's our school leaver CV template. Working While Still at School Where to Look for Work Your CV Your CV Interviews Your Pay Types of Working Patterns Your Work Rights Professional Portal Employer Resources Local Research. Mentioned is the way you can write School leaver CV Template or format.

People looking for jobs can easily download these School Leaver CV formats in editable pdf and MS-Word .doc) formats or you can just copy and paste from or website and.

School leaver CV example with writing guide and CV template Whether you are leaving school or college, you will need to write a CV if you want to land that dream job.

But writing a school leaver CV can be difficult, as it is likely to be the first time you have written one. Whether you decide to launch straight into further study or jet off on an around-the-world adventure, a current and professional-looking resume or CV Prepare a professional resume | School Leaver NZ.

School leaver cv template
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