The analysis of jennie gerhardt

He ends up losing a lot of money in the deal. Later, she hides Vesta from Lester. When he tries to seduce Jennie, the girl, though greatly attracted to him, manages to put off his advances. He meets Jennie as he is visiting his longtime friend Mrs Bracebridge. He works as a glass blower.

Eventually, he moves to Chicago with Jennie and Lester after his other children have left him. Plot summary[ edit ] Jennie Gerhardt is a destitute young woman.

He dies of old age. After providing financially for Jennie, he marries Letty, resuming his former social status. So in this uncharitable but realistic!

They live together successfully in the university neighborhood of Hyde Park, Chicago. She continues to love Kane. He becomes seriously ill and tells Jennie he still loves her.

Jennie does the laundry for the kind and handsome Senator Brander he is fifty-two at the time and attracts his eye. Dec 07, Jim Leckband rated it really liked it My loins were girded.

Jennie Gerhardt Analysis

He does not know of her illegitimate The analysis of jennie gerhardt and wants to marry Jennie. Characters[ edit ] Jennie Gerhardt, the protagonist. Some time later, while Lester is staying at the apartment to recover from an illness, his sister Louise visits and discovers the relationship, which she reports to the Kane family upon her return to Cincinnati.

He helps her family and declares his wish to marry her. She tends him until his death, and mourns secretly at his funeral. The entire section is 1, words. Letty Pace, an affluent widow whom Lester marries.

He is also known as Bass. In particular interest to me was the depiction of the Gerhardt family in their German Lutheran society - where the insular Lutheran flock is ruled by the minister.

Jennie, grateful for his benevolence, agrees to sleep with him. Bowing to pressure from Jennie and his family, he decides to marry. Although Jennie loves Lester, she knows that he does not intend to marry her because his family will be horrified at such an alliance, but, once again, she sacrifices her virtue because she feels that her family needs the offered aid.

Gerhardt, now old and ill and willing to accept the situation between Jennie and Spit it out man! Ross, a real estate dealer Lester works with. This stimulated new critical writing about the novel. After three years, Jennie tells him that Vesta is her daughter. He had to make sure we got the point because the novel would be meaningless without it.

Jennie and Lester move to Chicago and live there. He is a staunch Lutheran and makes a point to baptize Vesta. In other words, authors who show you that life is crap, people are crap and all you can expect is crap.

The child later dies of typhoid fever. There is not one ogre in the book nor is it a tale of a spiraling down into degradation Sister CarrieVandover and the Brute.

Not that the books are crap - they can be very good. Mrs Davis, a fifty-year-old matron who helps Jennie when Vesta dies.

Jennie Gerhardt

Later she works as a maid in Cleveland. He dies of typhoid before they can marry. Literary significance and criticism[ edit ] Dreiser first entitled his novel, The Transgressor, before abandoning it inbecause of a nervous breakdown.

Jamesian innuendo it is not.In the University of Pennsylvania Press published a new edition of Theodore Dreiser's second novel, Jennie Gerhardt.

The original published text was altered significantly from the author's intentions: its sexual energy was short-circuited, its criticisms of organized religion were blunted, its.

Jennie Gerhardt Summary

Jennie Gerhardt, the protagonist. She starts work as a charwoman in a hotel in Columbus. Later she works as a maid in Cleveland. After Lester leaves her, she moves to Sandwood, a small town close to Chicago. Full name Genevieve. Mrs Gerhardt, Jennie's mother.

Dreiser’s second novel, Jennie Gerhardt, is often considered his most popular, having sold more than five thousand copies in its first six months. Not only does the author show his characters.

The second novel was “Jennie Gerhardt”, published in This novel as many other works of Dreiser is full of autobiographical features. The closest connection appear in description of Gerhardts. Jennie Gerhardt is a destitute young woman. While working in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, Jennie meets Senator George Brander, who becomes infatuated with her.

He. 1. The book I have chosen to describe is “Jennie Gerhardt” by Theodore Dreiser. I didn’t even think for a moment, when I got a task to make a presentation of a book, because it is my favourite masterpiece.

The analysis of jennie gerhardt
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