The hidden secrets of the human mind in the cask of amontillado a short story by edgar allan poe

Montresor calls it "the white webwork which gleams from these cavern walls. He had on a tight-fitting parti-striped dress and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells.

Montresor seeks revenge on Fortunato for some unspecified insult by luring him down into his family vaults to inspect some wine he has purchased. Moreover, although Montresor now tells the story as a final confession to save his soul, the gleeful tone with which he tells it—a tone that suggests he is enjoying the telling of it in the present as much as he enjoyed committing the act in the past—means that it is not a good confession.

Fortunato comments on the Montresor family motto and emblem. The picture above it is an allusion to the Book of Genesis in the Bible: Moreover, the fact that Montresor knows how his plot is going to end makes it possible for him to play little ironic tricks on Fortunato.

The treasure the narrator possesses is the knowledge of the perfect revenge. The Cask of Amontillado: At the beginning, Montresor makes much of the fact that there are two criteria for a successful revenge—that the avenger must punish without being punished in return and that he must make himself known as an avenger to the one who has done him the wrong.

Here we break down some of these symbols. Below are several examples of symbolism within the story: This article is meant to be a starting point to your own research and analysis.

The ultimate irony of the story then, is that, although Montresor has tried to fulfill his two criteria for a successful revenge, Fortunato has fulfilled them better than he has.

Nowhere in the story, however, does Montresor tell Fortunato that he is walling him up to fulfill his need for revenge; in fact, Fortunato seems to have no idea why he is being punished at all. The conversation regarding the Masons demonstrates an ironic misunderstanding: Feel free to share in the comments.

The irony of the story cuts much deeper than this, however. The phrase means nobody harms me without being punished. The plot is relatively simple. Fortunato refers to the Masonic order, a secret society of brothers; Montresor pulls out a trowel, a reference to bricklayers.

The story is rife with examples of symbolism and irony. Montresor and Fortunato refer to nitre several times. Did you find more examples of symbolism and irony in the text? In fact, from the very beginning, every action and bit of dialogue is characterized as being just the opposite of what is explicitly stated.

It is symbolic of what happens to Fortunato. You can read the full story online at the University of Virginia. The action takes place during carnival season, a sort of Mardi Gras when everyone is in masquerade and thus appearing as something they are not.

I continued as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation.

The word cask, a sturdy cylindrical container for storing liquids, and the word casket have the same root. The Montresor Family Motto, "Nemo me impune lacessit": In French, mon tresor means my treasure.

In that respect, Montresor is a mason. Symbolism and Irony in "The Cask of Amontillado" written by: Every detail in the story contributes to this central effect, and it is the overall design of the story that communicates its meaning—not some simple moral embedded within it or tacked on to the end."The Cask of Amontillado" is a creepy short story written by Edgar Allan Poe.

The story is rife with examples of symbolism and irony. Here we. Explore the transcendent world of unity and ultimate beauty in Edgar Allan Poe’s verse in this complete collection. Although best known for his short stories, Edgar Allan Poe was by nature and choice a poet/5(). Edgar Allan Poe's last short story, written only a few years before his death, is a precise and compact expression of anxieties concerning mortality.

But don't worry - Poe injects plenty of humor into all the doom and gloom.

The Cask of Amontillado Summary

In "The Cask of Amontillado," Montresor describes how he took revenge on Fortunato during a carnival in Venice. Montresor lures Fortunato into the catacombs with a cask of amontillado, and then.

Edgar Allan Poe ().

of Poe's writings demonstrates the astonishing power and imagination with which he probed the darkest corners of the human mind. 'The Fall of the House of Usher' describes the final hours of a family tormented by tragedy and the legacy of the past.

USA, in Poe, short story writer, editor and critic, he. - The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe?The Cask of Amontillado. by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about two men at a carnival, the narrator Montresor, who is being eaten by jealousy, and Fortunato, a rich drunk man that has a weakness for wine.

The hidden secrets of the human mind in the cask of amontillado a short story by edgar allan poe
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