The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle

This makes them enemies and not friends which in essence, directly affects their marriage and indirectly, affects their children.

The Psychiatric Impact of Polygamy

The group reflects a no-privacy mentality. This problematic and conflicting family issue instills trauma in children which affects their studies and the social approach to life.

The Tragic Stories of Children of Polygamy

Thus, females are highly cherished and coveted in this part of the world. The only education a child needs is the education that results from watching the prophet in order to become like him, and to gain the knowledge necessary so she or he can be of greater service to the prophet.

In a typical warm and loving monogamous family there are siblings. Taxi drivers with wives in two different states, or those who lose time travelling between families, say they are sometimes simply too tired to give time to their other family. Men who are polygamous face more than quadruple the risk of having blocked heart vessels, compared with men married to one woman, new research suggests.

The professional literature on modern-day polygamy is in its early stages. As I have witnessed in those who have left the community, they are ill-equipped to survive in mainstream society. However, that is not necessarily the case.

The SIS research may make a significant contribution to global analysis of polygamy because unlike most studies which focus on the impact on wives, this study is also interviewing husbands and children.

Many families abort female fetuses or abandon baby girls to ensure that their only child is a son. The title for the man who can speak with and receive guidance or revelation from God for all members of the community.

Most reported neglect from the father once he got a second wife and more so when he started having children from her. The problematic thing about polygamy is the young ones. Almost none get to choose who they marry, and many are married against their will too much older men Rauch, While being taken to task by the FLDS leader for her disobedience, she denounced her father for having sexually molested her as a child.

Polygamy can negatively affect women, study finds

I could make a larger glossary or dictionary of these terms but will provide only the most fundamental ones here: If we were to interview mothers in polygamist families who did not desire to leave their polygamous relationship, descriptions of their experience would no doubt be different from what is reported here by those who were unhappy enough to leave.

The impact of polygamy on women has both economic and emotional aspects. Why dont you refute the claims? When one wife sees the husband with the other wife, she starts believing they are talking about her.

Its leader, Warren Jeffs, has frequently been in the news over the past couple years, first when the FBI added him to its Ten Most Wanted list and secondly when a Utah state court convicted him of twice being an accomplice to rape. The husband might act partially on how he treats the inherited wife and children in regards to his own wife and children.

This conviction was reversed and a retrial was ordered in July of this year, citing deficient juror instruction.

Effects of Polygamy on Women and Children

But the polygamous group targets society itself as an evil to be shunned. Morality There are many people out there who are against polygamy due to religious reasons, because of their own personal values and morals. The least bit rowdy, individualistic, and opinionated boys are kicked out of the sects at the very tender age of 13 or 14 typically.

The argument that links homosexuality and polygamy is made to justify gay marriage. There are terms unique to the doctrines and practitioners of FLDS.

FLDS is a closed society in which secrecy and isolation of its members predominates. Revelation can come in many forms, such as a prompting, voice, dream, or vision.Negativity of Polygamy. Some wives enjoyed their polygamous lifestyle while many hated it.

Negativity of Polygamy

In the end, no one can truly stay happy with a practice as such. Polygamy, itself, brings along more bad than good. The problem with polygamy, if this was to occur on a widespread scale, it would create very negative societal issues (Chapman Must-Reads.

The Tragic Stories of Children of Polygamy The Tragic Stories of Children of Polygamy News By ; Court dismisses Satanists’ case against pro-life laws Court dismisses.

Polygamous Marriage May Be Bad for a Man's Heart

"We know that long-term stress in family life increases the risk of coronary heart disease," Komajda said in a statement. It would be interesting to see what effect polygamy had on wives' risk of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Effect of Polygamous Marital Structure on Behavioral, Emotional, and Academic Adjustment in Children: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature | Polygamy.

Polygamy is also represented and discussed as an expanded family structure that is traced to the type of marriages in which a husband has two or even more than two wives.

Polygamy is still prominent in African countries and especially the sub-Saharan Africa. Polygamous marriage introduces several pressures on the women and problems in functioning and psychological acts (Al-Krenawi and Gharaibeh ).

Furthermore, polygamy has negative effects and influences on mental health adolescents and teenagers.

The negative effects of a polygamous lifestyle
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