Writing about future plans esl worksheet

For writing activities ask students to plan an event such as a vacation, wedding, or party which will get students in a creative mood and lead to some fun answers. In fact, when we do think about the future, we usually make plans and set goals for ourselves.

Then each partner should share some thoughts about the plan, ask questions or make suggestions. The students do this by taking it in turns to ask their partner about his or her arrangements for next week using the present continuous, e. The student who receives the bag looks inside and then replies to a question from another student.

The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Have your students make a list of how the Internet affects their lives. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below. The loser has to spend his or her free time with the other students helping the teacher prepare for the school fair!

One of these programs is the Andy Griffith Show. One of the greatest advancements in recent history is that of the Internet. If you want to make the game harder, tell the students that they writing about future plans esl worksheet talk for 30 seconds so they produce a number of sentences based on the situation or topic.

When the students have finished, the groups present their planned itineraries to the class and the students vote for the best one. The group then chooses the best three ideas for each category and each student notes these down on the worksheet.

We have a sense of where we are going in life. Have each group share their ideas with the class by using future tenses to describe a world with their new advancement.

Students use the vocabulary from the first exercise to help them answer each question. How do these shows differ from ones that will not last or continue in popularity? Students should be creative and practical. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet and told that there is a long weekend coming up.

If the student forms the question correctly, he or she wins a point. The students repeat the activity until they have found someone for each leisure activity and filled up their schedule with other arrangements.

After its premier over fifty years ago, the program still has fans today and runs in syndicate on a daily basis. The class is divided into groups of three or four and each group is given a copy of the worksheet.

How has technology changed since then? The class is divided into groups of three or four. Afterwards, the function of the future form in each sentence and answers are checked with the class. What will I do?

They must also get involved in other activities and try to fill up their calendar. The student with the most points at the end of the game wins. The class is divided into groups of three or four. In the activity, students practice asking and answering questions using a variety of future forms.

The class is divided into pairs. Each person should use future tenses to describe what his or her life will look like in five years and ten years. The students discuss and brainstorm how they could improve their English in six categories, e. If the response is appropriate, the student stays on the square.

When the students have finished, they pair up with someone from another group. What qualities do these shows possess? What does the future hold? Students must also use a different verb in each sentence they make.

26 FREE ESL future plans worksheets

Plans are often used in ESL classrooms to practice using the future tense. The first sentence the student says must use the verb in bold on the card and must follow the topic.

Then a player from the other team comes to the front of the class and so on.Lesson Plans for ESL Kids Teachers Future Plans using "going to" Lesson Plan.

This lesson plan is FREE! Sign up for accompanying: When talking about future plans or intentions, using "going to" is a very common method. The following forms are possible: "Weekend Plans Write" worksheet.

2. This plans worksheet is a writing activity for intermediate students to practice using the simple future. Students read a letter and correct a variety of errors to properly complete the message. Students read a letter and correct a variety of errors to properly complete the message.5/5(2).

ESL Future Tense Worksheet - Reading and Writing Activity - Elementary - 20 minutes This rewarding future tense worksheet helps to teach students how to use 'going to' for future plans and 'will' for offers, promises, unplanned decisions and predictions.

With this lesson plan, your ESL students will be exposed to the future continuous tense and will learn when and how to use it correctly. They will put this into practice with a brief conversation.

Students of all ages are often talking about their futures--their hopes, goals, and plans. However, future tense can be confusing to English language learners. Reading Comprehension focussing on the future tense and extension using the worksheet as a model and scaffold for own writing discussing 3, Downloads Present continuous for future plans.

Writing about future plans esl worksheet
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